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Cinema 4D R21
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Geçen yıl ilki düzenlenen ve profesyonellerin yoğun katılımı ile gerçekleşen Cinema 4D Türkiye Lansmanın 2. büyük buluşması da Kanyon Avm Cinemaximum’da gerçekleşecek. Yurt içi ve yurt dışından sektör devlerinin konuşmacı olarak katılacağı oturumlarda, kullanıcı deneyimleri ve yeni versiyonun geliştirmeleri sunulacak.

TARİH 23 Ekim 2019 Çarşamba

SAAT 10:00 – 16:00

YER Kanyon AVM Cinemaximum Sineması Hall :5

Cinema 4D R21 Türkiye Lansmanı 2


10:00 – 10:40
Registration & Breakfast
10:40 – 11:20
Welcome & What’s New in Cinema 4D R21 – FGA / Fatih GUNDOGDU
11:20 – 12:10
Project ExperiencesMaxon / Jonas PILZ
12:10 – 12:30
Nvidia GeForce RTX Studio IntroductionNvidia Türkiye / Can US
12:30 – 12:55
12:55 – 13:30
Project ExperiencesTurkuvaz Medya / Muhammad NAVEED
13:30 – 14:15
Project ExperiencesKraken / Mehmet KIZILAY
14:15 – 14:35
14:35 – 15:35
Project ExperiencesAixsponza /Matthias ZABIEGLY
15:35 – 15:50
Licensing Procedure – FGA / Berk GORUCU
15:50 – 16:00
Chat in The Event Area
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Matthias Zabiegly is a veteran 3d artist who has gathered more than ten years of industry experience. He is currently working as Head of 3D and Set Supervisor at Aixsponza GmbH in Munich.

Aixsponza is a medium sized 3D Design Studio located in Munich / Germany. We put a strong emphasis on the Design part of 3D renderings, trying to get the best looking imagery out of all briefings that we get. We develop concepts, get our hands dirty in the story phase, create moods and layouts, pull off the production until the masterfile is ready, compose the music that fits your new visual way of life and we love to geek. The studio likes to work for all kinds of clients and industries and we are proud to have a real diverse portfolio ranging from design gems to technical renderings to trade show backgrounds to art pieces.

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Mehmet Kizilay is the founder of Kraken Istanbul. Born in Tekirdag, Turkey, in 1981. Studied Digital Media Production at Oxford Brookes University. He’s been directing and designing film and television title sequences, television commercials and TV channel id packages since 2007. He began his career at Trafo as Head of Motion Graphics Department. In 2008, then became creative director and partner at Dirty Cheap Creative in Istanbul.

In 2014, he founded Kraken Istanbul, where he leads a team of artists designing film and television main title sequences, commercials and branding identity packages. Kizilay received numerous international and local design honours, including a Gold Prize from the Bass Awards and an Emmy nomination with titles he designed for HBO’s Silicon Valley in the Outstanding Title Design category. Kizilay is also an academician at Istanbul Bahcesehir University teaching Motion Graphics to young ones. He also holds jury duties at local award ceremonies like Crystal Apple and he has consultancy roles at the executive committee under the Motion & Title Design peer group in Istanbul.

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Muhammad Naveed is a motion designer and art director with 13 years of experience in various facets of motion design and channel branding inclusive of broadcast designs, brand identity, TV commercials, and title designs.

After completing academics from Pakistan he moved to Istanbul in 2012 and since then has been associated with one of the largest broadcast media groups in the region as “Creative Manager Motion Designs”. He has also worked and continues working for several international TV Channels and clients under his brand “”. Cinema4D is his go-to tool and his forte.

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During my studies “Multimedia and Communication” at Ansbach University I quickly found out that I wanted to work in the 3D industry. What fascinates me so much about this is the fact that you are limited solely by your own imagination. Simply everything is possible – if you bring along the necessary creativity and know-how and rely on the right tools.

The tool of my choice is Cinema 4D from MAXON, which I’ve been using for more than ten years now. In my opinion, it offers an excellent workflow that combines creativity and technology very well. Cinema 4D together with the Adobe Creative Cloud ( After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator ) tools form the basis of my toolbox. The tools are being extended by various plugins that have established themselves in the industry and are constantly raising the standard of productions.

After completing my studies, I worked as a freelancer throughout Germany – for well-known clients such as Audi, Siemens and Adidas or for television. Since the beginning of October 2015, I am employed as a software evangelist at MAXON and hold lectures and workshops around Cinema 4D all over Europe. So I learn something new every day, meet many interesting and talented people and can pass on my knowledge. Perfect!

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Can US NvidiaTürkiye

Can Us is the Community & PR Manager for Nvidia Turkey. Born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1988, Can earned his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Boğaziçi University and his MS degree in Sonic Arts from the MIAM faculty of Istanbul Technical University.

After working in unrelated fields, his passion for video games and modern tech pushed him towards gaming and hardware industry. He joined ASUS as a TPR where he worked to promote the ROG brand and its products to the gamers. His experience in working with gaming and tech influencers landed him the COO position at TEM Agency, which he left to join Nvidia in the summer of 2019. Needless to say he enjoys gaming in his free time, but also likes to compose ridiculous electronic music pieces and DJ every now and then.

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