Cinema 4D Release 21 Sık Sorulan Sorular

Why is Maxon making subscription available now?

Maxon has always developed 3D for the Real World, but part of being a real-world solution also means being affordable. We want to make our solutions available to everyone, and the best way to do that is through subscription pricing.

What’s included in the Cinema 4D Subscription?

The Cinema 4D subscription includes the current version of Cinema 4D and complete access to the Cineversity training and plugin library.

Is Redshift included in the Cinema 4D Subscription?

Redshift will not be included in the base Cinema 4D subscription, but a bundle subscription is available for users who wish to use Redshift with Cinema 4D. Redshift will continue to be sold separately for users of Redshift Standalone and Redshift integrations with other applications.

What is included in the Cinema 4D demo version?

The Cinema 4D Demo is exactly the same as Cinema 4D – it’s unlimited and you can use it for 14 days. You can download and start learning immediately and activate (no additional download) as soon as you start your Cinema 4D subscription.

Why is the demo limited to 14 days?

We want you to experience everything Cinema 4D has to offer, and we want to make it easy to extend that experience when you start your Cinema 4D subscription. Now that Cinema 4D is available at low monthly pricing without high upfront initiation fees, it’s easy to continue your experience of learning and creating in 3D, and you’ll always be able to share your 3D creations.

Why did Maxon discontinue the Prime/BodyPaint/Broadcast/Visualize/Studio editions?

Maxon has decided to focus its efforts on one version of Cinema 4D that can provide the best 3D solution for all your content creation needs. Removing the additional development efforts to maintain five different versions of Cinema 4D frees up resources which can be directed towards enhancements or features that will more directly impact your workflow demands. Additionally, multiple editions of the same feature set caused a lot of confusion and made it hard for customers to decide what edition of Cinema 4D they should purchase.

What if I currently own BodyPaint 3D or Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize or Studio?

BodyPaint 3D and Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio editions will be discontinued as of September 1, 2019. All features of BodyPaint 3D and the Cinema 4D editions are included in Cinema 4D R21 and will continue to be developed. If you currently have an active MSA for Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio or BodyPaint 3D on Sept 1, 2019 you’ll receive a perpetual entitlement to Cinema 4D R21. At any time before the expiration of your current MSA, you can purchase a 2-year Cinema 4D Subscription at a discounted price similar to MSA pricing for your Cinema 4D edition.

Is perpetual licensing still available?

Perpetual licensing for Cinema 4D Studio R20 and R21 will still be available at pricing roughly equivalent to the current pricing of Studio R20. Since the MSA will no longer be available, perpetual licenses do not include subscription benefits (Cineversity and upgrades). Perpetual licensing will be managed by the same activation system as the subscription so perpetual licenses are transportable between computers.

Can I upgrade my perpetual license?

If you own a perpetual license of Cinema 4D, you’re eligible for discounted Cinema 4D subscription pricing. You’re also able to upgrade to an R21 perpetual license. Some future Cinema 4D upgrades may be available only to subscription customers, while others may be available as perpetual licenses at upgrade pricing. Specific timing and pricing of each upgrade is not yet defined.

Is the MSA still available for perpetual licenses?

New Maxon Service Agreements are no longer available as of July 30, 2019. Renewals of Maxon Service Agreements will no longer be available after August 31, 2019.

I have a valid MSA contract that extends beyond Sept 1st – what happens to me?

If your MSA contract extends beyond Sept 1st, you’ll receive Cinema 4D R21 Perpetual in early September. You can convert your license to a Cinema 4D subscription at any time prior to the expiration of your Maxon Service Agreement. When you convert to a subscription, we’ll credit any remaining time on your Maxon Service Agreement in addition to a nice discount.

How can I add Redshift to my Cinema 4D toolset?

Redshift offers a fantastic integration with Cinema 4D, which is sure to continue getting better and better. When you purchase a new Cinema 4D Subscription or convert your existing license to subscription, you’ll have the option of adding on a bundled Redshift entitlement. This entitlement can be used in conjunction with Redshift for Cinema 4D, but not with Redshift standalone or other DCCs. If you have a perpetual license or special requirements, please continue to purchase Redshift directly from the website or an authorized Redshift distributor.

My MSA expires this month (August 2019) – what are my options?

If you own Cinema 4D R20 and have an active Maxon Service Agreement, you can renew your MSA during the month of August. If you do so, you’ll receive an R21 perpetual entitlement in September and be eligible for discounted pricing on conversion to subscription.

But I just purchased Cinema 4D or renewed my MSA!

Don’t worry, your recent purchase includes a perpetual license of Cinema 4D R20, which does not expire. If you recently purchased or renewed an MSA, you’ll receive a perpetual license of Cinema 4D R21 in September. You also have the option of converting to subscription to gain all subscriber benefits, and adding additional licenses at new, low subscription pricing.

If I don’t convert to a Maxon Subscription am I entitled to Cinema 4D upgrades released before my MSA expires?

The Maxon Service Agreement entitles you to any new perpetual releases within the term of your MSA contract. This does not include access to subscription-only releases.

Can I apply my Short-Term License 75% discount towards my subscription purchase?

No, but you can still use your short-term discount towards a new perpetual license.

Do I have to use a credit card to purchase a Maxon Subscription?

The best and easiest way to start your Maxon Subscription is by using a credit card via the Maxon Shop. You’ll get immediate access to Cinema 4D and your subscription will automatically renew unless you choose to cancel, so you’re guaranteed continued access to the latest release.

If you need to purchase via a wire transfer or PO, you’ll need to commit to at least a 1-year subscription and purchase via a Maxon sales representative or authorized Maxon distributor/reseller.

If I cancel my subscription will there be any way to access my legacy scenes? I’m concerned about losing my work.

We hope you won’t want to cancel, because we intend to provide incredible value in the Cinema 4D subscription. We do realize financial difficulties and changes in job requirements arise, and that there’s a valid concern that you’ll lose the ability to access your work. You can always purchase a subscription for a single month to access and modify your scenes. In addition, Maxon has a number of partners that allow loading and rendering of Cinema 4D scenes, regardless of your subscription status.

Licensing FAQ

Why is everything tied to a MyMaxon account?

The MyMaxon account puts you in the Maxon ecosystem. It connects all your licensing, learning resources, payment and invoice information to a single login associated with your email address. With the MyMaxon account you can easily login and access your Cinema 4D entitlements anywhere and transfer those entitlements between computers.

How will the MyMaxon Account work? How do I activate Cinema 4D?

When you launch Cinema 4D for the first time, you’ll sign in with your MyMaxon account (or use your Google, or Facebook credentials to sign in). Cinema 4D will be activated immediately for use with your license on the current computer. To use Cinema 4D on a different computer, you may need to deactivate existing computers via the C4D License Manager or MyMaxon Customer portal.

How will entitlements work for an organization with multiple licenses?

Multiple entitlements can be assigned to a single user account. That account can be used to activate multiple computers within your organization.

Alternatively, floating licenses for use with either Maxon’s License Server or RLM are available at a slightly higher per-license cost for organizations with special requirements. Floating licenses have a minimum subscription term of 1 year. To purchase floating licenses please contact a Maxon Sales representative.

Which license type will I get with my Maxon Service Agreement?

We’ll automatically generate a Cinema 4D R21 Perpetual entitlement for any customers with a valid MSA on Sept 3, 2019. Any licenses under MSA currently attached to the Maxon License Server will be generated as Floating entitlements for use with the new Maxon License Server. All other licenses will be generated as User-Based entitlements associated with the email address on file for your MSA.

If you’d like to make changes to your license types, please contact your Maxon Sales Representative or distributor.

What options are available for Students / Educational Institutions?

Qualified educational institutions are eligible for deeply-discounted annual subscriptions, which can be associated with a single user or used in conjunction with the Maxon License Server. Maxon will also continue to offer free licenses to students in a qualified educational program, though this program will not relaunch until Fall 2019. All educational entitlements use the same application install and include the same features as commercial and trial licenses.

How will my bundled Cinema 4D + Redshift subscription be licensed?

Both Cinema 4D and Redshift entitlements will be delivered via the same mechanism. Cinema 4D and Redshift have both been enhanced to support named-user subscriptions via a Maxon Account, and also support Maxon License Server and RLM. However, bundled Redshift subscriptions will work with Redshift’s Cinema 4D integration but do not support Redshift Standalone or other Redshift integrations.

How will Render-only / Command Line Licenses be supported?

Render packs for C4D Render entitlements will be available at an additional subscription or perpetual fee. Within the Cinema 4D Command Line interface, you can supply a username / password or the ip / port information for a Maxon License Server or RLM server.

How will plug-in licensing work, specifically with plugins that currently use the Cinema 4D serial and / or Cinema 4D registration dialog?

Due to API changes required as part of our effort to modernize Cinema 4D, all plugins must be recompiled for use with R21. The necessary changes should require less effort than the R20 transition. We’re working closely with developers to document and facilitate the necessary changes. Since Cinema 4D Release 21 will no longer require a serial number, some developers will have to adapt their licensing scheme.

For security reasons my organization does not allow internet access from workstations. How can I take advantage of the Cinema 4D Subscription?

Single-user licenses associated with a Maxon Account require internet connection for initial activation and must connect every 14 days for continued use. Workstations licensed via Maxon License Server may be completely offline. The server must connect to the internet for initial activation and must connect every 14 days to renew licenses. Installations that must be completely offline should utilize RLM.

I need a previous release of Cinema 4D for compatibility reasons

Due to changes in Cinema 4D’s licensing and pricing structure, we’re unable to provide releases prior to R21. Releases after R21 will be available with your Cinema 4D Subscription and can be activated with your available license entitlements. Simply download the release you need from the Maxon User Portal and log in. An available entitlement will automatically be assigned to that release instance. If no entitlements are available, you can manage your current activations within the Maxon User Portal. Please note, Maxon may retire releases which are 3 years old. Once retired, a release will no longer be available for download from the Maxon User Portal and will not be eligible for support.

If licenses are associated with employee emails and the employee quits, how do I regain access to the licenses?

When creating a MyMaxon account, be careful to choose the right email address. Use a work email if the entitlement is for work and a private email for your own license. It might be best to use a central email address for multiple licenses within an organization. Licenses can only be transferred to different email addresses within the same domain by contacting your local Maxon office.

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