SketchUp Bölüm 2: SketchUp’ın Ötesi

Explore some tips for using SketchUp with other software programs.

SketchUp ve CAD – Duvar Oluşturma (06:23)

This is video 2 in working with SketchUp and CAD and progresses from our previous video in using the CAD plan as a reference to create interior and exterior walls for our model.

SketchUp ve CAD: Kapı ve Pencereler (4:56)

This is the 3rd video covering our recommended method for creating models from CAD files. Here we cover a technique to create your door and window openings.

SketchUp ve CAD: İçe Aktarma ve Hazırlık (8:56)

There are varied approaches to using SketchUp with CAD files. This video is the 1st of 3 videos that present one method we suggest as it is quick and creates a good clean SketchUp model.

In this video we import a CAD plan, group and lock it, delete extra layers and create a unique layer for the floor plan and create scenes to toggle the floor plan visibility on and off.

SketchUp ve Photoshop: Lens Blur (8:53)

You can create some great image effects when you combine SketchUp with other software.

This video shows how to use the fog setting in SketchUp to create a depth map that you can use in Photoshop for some very interesting effects.

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