SketchUp Bölüm 3: Araç Çubuğu

Want to learn a specific tool in depth? Each tool on the toolbar is explored in this video series.

Arc Tool

Arc can be drawn in several ways and adjusted as well. Watch this video for the basics as well as useful tips.

Axes tool

Changing the axes in SketchUp can be very useful for drawing. You can orient the axes in any direction allowing you to use inferencing along different directions.

Circle and Polygon tools

The circle and polygon tools in SketchUp are very similar, with a key difference that we’ll explore. We’ll also show tips for adjusting the size and segments.


Components group geometry together, but then go beyond to instance any changes made. This makes them perfect for repeated elements in your model and creates a very powerful modeling tool.


You can add dimensions directly inside SketchUp. This video will show you how to be effective and adjust how the dimensions are displayed.


The eraser will erase edges and groups, but you can also use it to hide or soften edges. Watch this video for tips on how to best use the eraser tool.

Follow Me tool

You can create details, rails, trim, lathed shapes and lots more using the follow-me tool. It’s quite powerful and easy to use once you learn the basics with this video.

Line tool

Edges are the foundation of everything in SketchUp, learn how to draw them in any direction.

Freehand tool

The freehand tool is pretty simple, as this video will show.


Shows how to use the move tool in SketchUp with tips and best practices.


Navigation is essential in SketchUp. The orbit, zoom and pan tools are all built into the use of a 3-button mouse for speed and convenience as well.

Offset tool

You can offset single surfaces or a series of edges in SketchUp. You can also speed up the tool by using a few tips we will share.

Paint Bucket

Applying colors and textures to your model is done with the paint tool. This video will show you tips for applying materials and changing materials all at once. There are also a few differences between the Windows and Mac versions of SketchUp that we will highlight.

Position Camera / Look Around

Learn to position your view at the right height and position where you can look around your scene. We’ll provide an overview of the tool and useful tips as well.

Protractor tool

The protractor in SketchUp creates construction lines to help you while drawing and inferencing. You can set the protractor accurately using several methods. This video will show you all the best practices.

Push Pull tool

Push/ pull is possibly the single tool that most defines SketchUp. For as easy and powerful as it is, many SketchUp users don’t know about some of the tips to make it even more useful. Watch this video to be sure you know the best practices.

Rectangle tool

Learn to use the rectangle tool in SketchUp with some tips for best use and accuracy.

Rotate tool

Rotating objects in SketchUp can be done easily and with precision, but the tool works differently than in other applications. This video will show the basics as well as a few advanced tips.

Scale tool

The scale tool can work on flat surfaces or 3D objects. Not only can it scale objects, it can be useful as a modeling tool. We’ll show how to use the tool and a few tips you may not know.

Section Tool

Learn to add, move, reverse and toggle section cuts.

Selection Tool

Selecting objects may seem simple, but there are actually many tips and modifiers for making precise and quick selections of geometry and groups in SketchUp you may not know about.

Tape Measure tool

The tape measure tool can measure between points, but also creates construction lines which are very useful as reference geometry in SketchUp. You can also re-size groups or the entire model using the tape measure tool.

Walk tool

Explore your SketchUp model with the walk tool. Learn the tips to change your eye height and toggle collision detection on and off.

Text and 3D Text tools

Add leader text, text on screen or 3D text as geometry in SketchUp. Learn how to change the appearance and options.

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