Vray for Cinema 4D Sistem Gereksinimleri

Windows Vista 7, Windows 8 & 10, all 64bit / Mac OSX 10.9.5 and Newer
  • nVidia – For nVidia GPUs always prefer using CUDA, since it runs faster and has more supported features. However, V-Ray RT Open CL works properly on Fermi-, Kepler-, Maxwell or Pascal- based cards with the latest drivers. Cards with architecture older than Fermi are not supported.
  • AMD GPUs – RT OpenCL on AMD works only on AMD GCN 1.1 (or newer) GPUs with driver 15 (or newer) using V-Ray 3.40.01 or newer.
  • Intel GPUs – RT Open CL does NOT work on Intel GPUs.
  • OpenCL allows using the CPU for calculations together with the GPUs. For that you need to install OpenCL runtime for CPUs (Intel OpenCL Runtime, AMD OpenCL Runtime).
  • CPU (Using Intel or AMD OpenCL runtime) – V-Ray RT Open CL works on all V-Ray versions with the latest Intel/AMD runtimes.
  • The CUDA engine is supported only in 64-bit builds of V-Ray RT for Fermi-, Kepler-,Maxwell- and Pascal- based nVidia cards.
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