Maxwell Film, Animasyon ve Görsel Efekt

Maxwell Render brings a more realistic and natural approach to rendering that speaks the same language as cinematographers. Renowned across the industry as a “ground truth” render, it is not only used extensively for final rendering but also as a key element in look development.

Maxwell Render’s innovative resume render feature allows renders to be stopped and resumed at any time. This unique approach means that you can actually overlap post production with rendering so that they take place simultaneously. It can literally shave days off of your production time. And because Maxwell is physically accurate, there’s no flickering. Saving you yet more time.

Combine this with…



Our trademarked Multilight™ feature permits the adjustment of light intensity and color in real time without the need to re-render.


Massive scene handling

Maxwell manages memory in a clean and linear way – making it robust enough to handle literally hundreds of millions of primitives without any loss of performance.


Procedural geometry for fur, hair and particles

Maxwell’s hair tool automatically converts primitives from most popular hair systems. Particles from Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini and Softimage can be rendered directly with Maxwell’s dedicated particle primitive – to which you can apply any Maxwell material.


Universal compatibility

Maxwell offers seamless integration with all the major 3D platforms, and it supports ALEMBIC, deep compositing and OpenEXR 2.0 formats, as well as Pixar OpenSubdiv and integration with RealFlow. Maxwell has a Python and C++ SDK with online documentation – for a perfect fit into any pipeline.