Maxwell for SketchUp


Maxwell for SketchUp is a plugin which has been expressly designed for rendering in SketchUp. It brings you advanced, Maxwell Render technology in a simple, self-contained package.

Maxwell for SketchUp has the render engine built-in, so no other applications or programs are needed. And you don’t need to export your scenes anywhere, it all happens from the comfort of your SketchUp interface!

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maxwell for sketchup


It couldn’t be simpler

Maxwell for SketchUp is really simple to set-up – just install the plugin and you’re off.

And because its Maxwell, it’s all about reality and the real language of light. So you don’t need to be a CG expert to get photorealistic images from your 3d models. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

Ready to use materials

Ready to use materials

Maxwell for SketchUp is compatible not only with your usual SketchUp materials, but also Maxwell MXM materials. This means you’ll have access to thousands of free, ready to use MXMs from our online, community based gallery. A great supply of superior, refined materials, just a couple of clicks away!

Fully integrated

Fully integrated

Maxwell for SketchUp has been expressly developed for SketchUp. It is fully integrated so you can apply materials, lighting and camera and then render without ever having to leave the SketchUp interface. You don’t need any additional applications, and there are no external programs – it all happens inside of SketchUp, so it’s easy!

Real-time preview rendering

Real-time preview rendering

The Maxwell for SketchUp render engine gives you a real-time preview of your final image. Every time you change the camera, lighting or materials in your scene, the preview will instantly update. And you can also save rendered images at any time without interrupting the render process. And if you purchase the Maxwell for Sketchup licensed version, it includes a full production quality render engine – equipped to handle complex lighting more efficiently.


Maxwell for SketchUp is for any SketchUp user who wants to visualize their 3D models easily with high quality, photorealistic images. So it’s perfect for design, architectural and engineering visualization.

Maxwell for Sketchup is perfect for artists, architects, designers and freelancers working on their own.

With the licensed version, you can enjoy full HD resolution (1920×1080), both draft and production render engines, and a license which you can install on both your workstation and your laptop.


product comparison Maxwell for Sketchup

Maxwell for SketchUp …

… is a simple version of Maxwell Render, fully integrated into SketchUp. It’s for individual users, and allows you to set the camera, lighting and environment, apply SketchUp or Maxwell MXM materials, and render and save image files.

• With the FREE VERSION, maximum image resolution is 800 x 800.
• With the LICENSED VERSION, maximum resolution is full HD (1920×1080), and it includes a production render engine – which means that it is equipped to deal with more complex lighting.

product comparison Maxwell Render Suite

Maxwell Render Suite …

… is the full set of rendering tools, and comes with 16 supported 3D/CAD plugins – including SketchUp of course! The workflow is similar, but it also includes:

• Network rendering tools
• Floating licenses (can be shared among users in a network, not locked to a single computer)
• Materials editor (MXED) to create and edit your own MXM materials
• Maxwell Studio, an alternative workflow from the plugin which allows you to work in 64 bits, and has UV-mapping capabilities
• More file output options
• Unrestricted resolution

Product Comparison

Maxwell for Sketchup
FREE Licensed
Price Free 75€ / $99
SketchUp Free + Pro compatible? Maxwell for SketchUp 2 Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Image resolution 800 x 800 Full HD (1920×1080)
Technical Support Maxwell for SketchUp 4 Forum Only
Render engine capability Draft engine Draft + production engine
Network Rendering Maxwell for SketchUp 4 Maxwell for SketchUp 4
MXM material support Use only Use only
Multiplatform Windows / OSX Windows / OSX
Maxwell Studio Maxwell for SketchUp 4 Maxwell for SketchUp 4
Render channels Maxwell for SketchUp 4 Maxwell for SketchUp 4
Multilight Maxwell for SketchUp 4 Maxwell for SketchUp 4
Simulens Maxwell for SketchUp 2 Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Rendered output 8-bit per channel RGB 8-bit per channel RGB
Renders independently of SketchUp Maxwell for SketchUp 4 Maxwell for SketchUp 4
HDR / MXI Environment System Maxwell for SketchUp 2 Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Maxwell Render Suite
Node Locked: 595€ / $775
Floating: 1.095€ / $1.395
(+10 rendernodes)
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Full production + realtime preview engine (FIRE)
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Create / edit / use
Windows / OSX / Linux
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
All supported Formats and Channels
Maxwell for SketchUp 2
Maxwell for SketchUp 2