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Maxwell Render brings complete precision to your design visualizations. Because it follows the actual physics of real light, it is accurate and predictable – which means stunning results without the need for tweaking.

This powerful render engine is partnered with great time-saving features such as our real-time scene preview, and Maxwell’s famous Multilight™ feature for adjusting light intensities and colors post-render (which means you can save out as many different images as you like all from the same render).

Maxwell Render has just one universal material model for all of the 3D and CAD applications that we support (with fully integrated plugins).

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The Maxwell Material system is intuitive and easy to use, consisting of components that can be stacked much the same as the layers in an image editing program. And you have free access to over 3500 ready to use materials online.


Real-time scene preview

Maxwell FIRE gives you immediate feedback in the renderer for adjustments to lighting, materials and camera settings. Maxwell FIRE is compatible with ALL Maxwell materials and features.



Our trademarked Multilight™ feature permits the adjustment of light intensity and color in real time without the need to re-render.

based on reality

Based on Reality

Reality means predictable, reliable first-time results. With Maxwell Render, you can focus your valuable time and energy on creating your vision, not struggling with obscure computer graphics terminology and tweaking parameters.