Maxwell Render offers two distinct approaches for developers or third party software providers to get Maxwell working alongside or inside their application.

Maxwell Core - Maxwell Render inside your app

Plug-in SDK – build a bridge between Maxwell Render and your app

The Maxwell Render Suite distribution includes a public SDK (“plugins SDK”) that enables software developers to export any 3D scene into a Maxwell Scene (MXS) file and call the external Maxwell Render engine. This is the typical approach in 3D/CAD platforms where a full integration is not possible or when the external link is a better option.

The Maxwell Render Plugin SDK is free to anyone. End users simply buy a Standard license of Maxwell Render and use the existing Maxwell Render software with your application.

Maxwell Core - Maxwell Render inside your app

Maxwell Core – Maxwell Render inside your app

A more integrated approach we call Maxwell Core. This allows software developers to license the Maxwell Render technology in order to create or extend their own applications with advanced visualization capabilities.

Maxwell Core provides a platform independent C++ API, for the integration of the Maxwell Render components. Unlike the classic plugin approach with the Maxwell Render Suite package – which requires a plugin to export the MXS (Maxwell Scene) to the external engine, the Maxwell Core technology remains inside your 3D or CAD application without external dependencies.

A separate business and development agreement needs to be made between the developer and Next Limit to license the Maxwell Core technology. For further information, contact us.